How to Make Easy Veggie Arrangements

A grouping of artificial veggies simply set in mossy pots is an easy way to create a large arrangement.

There is something about the vegetable garden that brings spring and Easter to my thoughts. Perhaps it is Mr. McGregor's patch and the rabbits that gave him trouble…. whatever it is, artificial veggies are lots of fun to design with, and easy when simply placed in mossy pots. The flared sides of a standard terracotta pot help hold vertical materials, such as carrots, in position.

Simply stand a bunch of carrots in a mossy pot for a growy look. Their taper will hold them i

n place once the pot is full. Round form veggies simply spill out of pots.

The ultimate size of the design is determined by the number and sizes of pots used. As we showed in an earlier post about making lettuce pots, create different elevations by stacking some of the pots on pots. This type of design is also a perfect way to include figures suited to the season or occasion. In our example rabbits were added for Easter, but could just as easily be used for a birthday party with a rabbit theme.

The garden shed can provide interesting containers and accessories.

The garden shed can produce some fun containers as well. The watering can is well suited to our theme. It would even be fun to use garden implements, such as a trowel, mini hoe, garden hat, gloves, bird cage - the possibilities are endless…..

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