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Diy Design Project:  
Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece

Using a wreath as the base for a centerpiece makes decorating the table a snap.  To coordinate the design to your tableware, use a dinner plate instead of the terracotta saucer.             


The size of your table, accessories being used on the table and the quantity of food to be served will help determine the size of the wreath to start with.  Generally, something between 10” and 16” in diameter is appropriate. 


While this design can be made permanent by attaching all the parts with hot glue, simply placing the parts together allows it to be dropped (gently!) in a tub after the season for storage.

Tools and Materials:

            Wire cutters


            Hot glue gun or Pan glue

            Small wreath (12” – 16” in diameter)

            A coordinating pick matching the materials in the wreath (design can be made without a pick)

            Terracotta saucer the same diameter as the wreath

            Bowl the same diameter as the center of the wreath

            Stem of Hydrangea in coordinating color

            Small foliage bush

            Bag of potpourri with fall textures and fragrance


Materials for the candleholders:

            2 Terracotta pots (size is determined by the size of the candle – example shows 3” pots)

            2 Ball candles (example uses 2.5” ball candles)

            Small piece of ribbon and raffia


Centerpiece How To:

            •Style the wreath.

            •Turn the saucer upside down and place the wreath on top.  (Optional:  To make the design permanent, glue the wreath directly to the saucer.  Use hot glue and spot glue the main core of the wreath in three or four places)

           • Place the bowl in the middle of the wreath.

            •Twist the stem/handle of the pick into a semi-circle so it will fit down in the bowl.   The pick will partially fill in the center, pulling the textures and colors of the wreath through the middle of the arrangement.  The design will have a similar feel without the pick if one is unavailable.

            •Fill the remaining portion of the bowl with potpourri


Candle How To:

            •Glue the two pots together, end-to-end (hot glue or silicone)

            •Cut a piece of ribbon to overlap and glue at the overlap

            •Tie raffia over the top of the ribbon

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