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Design Project:  Woodland Spring Wreath

Demonstrated in a recent House of Design class, this easy to design wreath can be completed in very little time.  Place the grapevine wreath on a flat surface.  Place a pre-made spring garland on the top (front) of the wreath (choose a garland that has lots of vines, tendrils and woodland materials.  Using a few of the wired tendrils, wrap them around the garland and a few of the grapevines to secure the garland. Hang the wreath on an easel or wall to finish.  Using a green florist wire, attach a midsize bird's nest to the wreath on the lower inside of the wreath.  Glue two mini cyclamen (other types of small blooming plants would work just as well) to the top and lower inside of the wreath in a position that makes them look as if they are 'growing'.  A bird or two adds a bit of woodland whimsy to the design.  To attach them, glue a wire into the base of the bird (you may need to drill a hole first - or make it easy - choose a bird that is foam filled or already has a hole in the bottom). 

The materials needed for this design include a 20 inch grapevine

wreath, a 4 foot fern garland,

2 mini cyclamen plants.

Wire the birds nest to the lower left inside of the wreath

Wrap the garland around the face of the wreath and attach by twisting a few of the tendrils to the wreath. 

Woodland Spring Wreath

Glue two mini cyclamen to the wreath and add a bird for a bit of whimsy

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