Diy Design Project:  Fall Wreath

Materials and tools:

Tools:  Wire cutters, glue gun & glue, #26 & #19 gauge green florist’s wire

Materials:  Grapevine wreath, fall leaf garland, 3 fall picks with mixed materials, 1 medium size pumpkin

2   Begin by styling the picks into a triangular shape

3   Attach the garland in 3-4 places with /#26 wire

4   Style the garland by twisting and bending the stems and leaves into place, developing an evenly round form.

5   Insert two wires into the largest pumpkin, attaching with hot glue.

6   Attach the pumpkin by placing the two wires over opposite sides of the wreath and twisting them together in the back.  Push the ends of the twisted wires inside the wreath.

7   Insert the stem of the pumpkin pick into the grapevine wreath underneath the large pumpkin.

8   The pumpkin on the pick should nestle next to the large pumpkin.

9   Insert the second pick with the second largest pumpkin into the wreath, to the left of the large pumpkin.

10 Attach the third pick the same as the first two, resting the smallest pumpkin close to the last pumpkin pick.

11 Complete the design by styling the garland one last time to make certain the design has an evenly round shape.

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