Design Project:  Butterfly Hurricane

Candlelight is always a welcome mood shifter and safer when ensconced in glass. A premade garland is the key to this beautiful, yet simple to create design. Most garlands are wired together, which makes it easy to wrap them around a 14”-19” cylinder vase, wiring the parts of the garland to itself to hold it around the vase. Adding a stem of berries gives the design more dimension and an added element of texture.


The lovely butterflies are part of the pre-made garland, adding a touch of whimsy. Adding the amethyst glass beads lift the candle and adds visual texture as well as ballast, however it could be changed out for sand, rocks, marbles or any preferred ballast. One might even leave it out, preferring the candle to sit lower in the vase. Just remember – the higher the candle sits, the more important it is not to let any of the garland hang over the top of the vase.


This design is easy to interpret with any type of small scale garland, adding other foliage, flowers or berries to enhance the garland. The color scheme is easily changed by choosing a different candle and ballast.

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