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Video:  Terracotta Epergne

Create a Contemporary Epergne from Terracotta

A little bit like playing with legos, stacking terracotta pots and saucers is a fun and effective way to construct a striking container for plants, arranged flowers, or serving food. The look of this container depends on the unity of choosing parts made of the same material, which is why terracotta is ideal. Itcomes in myriad shapes and sizes, which enables endless combinations in creating your own original container.


Once your container is complete, it can serve a multitude of purposes - a centerpiece for an outdoor dining table overflowing with fresh flowers, a large tiered piece planted with living succulents for a focal point in the garden, used as a tiered appetizer tray, or filled with artificial succulents for home décor.  If the natural color of terracotta does not fit your style, color the components with a mossy finish to create a neutral green that blends with anything floral related. To learn how, check out our video


However, you choose to assemble your terracotta container, enjoy the process and be amazed by your creation.

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