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Video:  Chair Sashes

Decorative Sheer Metallic Organza for Chair Sashes and other Projects

Fabric is 45” wide x 108” long with both ends finished.  It beautifully enhances wedding, Christmas, and all occasion decor.  It can be tied like a man’s tie to make a chair sash, or draped and/or gathered to use as a decorative fabric to stuff Christmas trees, a runner on a table, added to a garland, layered over a tablecloth, tying bows and myriad other applications.  Reusable, it can be washed, which will remove some of the sizing making it easier to drape, and it will emerge almost wrinkle-free from the dryer.   It can be stripped, allowing the edges to be fringed for applications needing a narrower piece of fabric. 

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More Design Ideas

E.Chair Ties Green.Gold.jpg
Set of 8 Green Gold
Free Shipping

E.Chair Ties Green.jpg
Set of 8 Emerald Mint
Free Shipping

E.Chair Ties Lavender.jpg
E.Chair Ties Confetti.jpg
Set of 8 Lavender
Free Shipping

Set of 8 Confetti
Free Shipping

E.Chair Ties Burgundy.jpg
E.Chair Ties Orange.Gold.jpg
Set of 8 Burgundy Red
Free Shipping

Set of 8 OrangeGold Star
Free Shipping

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Set of 8  Blue
Free Shipping
Chair Sash Colors
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