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Diy Design Project:  
Summer Succulents

Summer Succulents

The Very Trendy Succulent

The very trendy Succulent is a perfect complement to outdoor décor.  Their size, structure and weight, make them perfect for creating a quick and easy centerpiece.  Because sand is the mechanic used to hold the plants, it is not recommended for indoor design – it will be a bit messy when others decide to ‘help’ with your creation or the dog’s tail brushes past!


In general, creating a succulent design is much like doing a puzzle without the box it came in – you have no idea exactly what it will look like when finished.  You just keep trying to fit the plants together until they find their happy spot.   Because of the ‘puzzle affect’, as I call it, it is good to have a larger selection of succulents to choose from than you will need.  This allows you to find one with the perfect fit. In this type of design, especially because of the way succulents tend to grow, it is generally best to use groupings of the same kind together, which gives the design a planted look.   The exception to this is when you want to create a rhythmic line of form and color, or an actual pattern, as you would in a geometric style design.


If you would like more information and design ideas check out the other Succulent information on our website under the drop-down heading “Succulents” (   So much fun to work with, succulents are relatively easy to use in design.  A great place to start if you are a novice, and super fun if you have floral design practice.  Always remember to enjoy your creative side and play a little.

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