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Design Project:  Ruby Red Slippers

The Wizard of Oz was this year's Birthday Theme (May 5, 2013) for House of Design.  The book, "The Wizard of Oz", is a  long time favorite of Katharine Gleim and once the creative inspirations began to whirl there was no stopping.  The front of the store was decorated in Emerald Green to remind us of the Emerald City and there were complimentary Emerald Punch and Munchkin treats.  The Tin Man was in charge of the Basement Sale, and of course there was a Raffle in honor of the Scarecrow.  Last but not least, what Oz celebration would be complete with out Ruby Red Slippers?  A contest for the best Bling encrusted slippers was being held, and always one to share,  Katie has created a quick design sheet  illustrating a simple technique to transform an old pair of cast-offs:


Clean shoes with a slightly damp cloth.
Fill the inside of the shoes with paper towels or tissue to protect from paint.
If shoes are dark, spray with silver paint (light colors will not need this step).
Spray with Design Master Holiday Red.
Spray a small area with 3M spray adhesive (do this over a large piece of newspaper to protect surrounding areas from over spray).
Sprinkle red glitter over glue (do this over a separate piece of paper so extra glitter can be saved).
Let dry before wearing to the party :)


Fill Shoes with paper and paint with silver

Spray small areas with 3M adhesive glue and sprinkle glitter

Spray with Design Master Holiday Red

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