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Easy Spring Floral Accents

Our annual spring classes are about to begin again. I count my blessings that work includes my passion – and need – to be creative. To be able to share that passion with others in a teaching environment is icing on the cake (chocolate please!) Our in-house classes always bring together wonderful groups of women who share an interest in design and generate a shared energy that uplifts us all.

On March 12th we will be showing ideas for rejuvenating your décor with inexpensive, easy floral touches you can create. During the 38 years I’ve worked in the floral industry I’ve seen phenomenal changes, none more startling than in artificial flowers (silk, faux, and botanicals as they are also called). I think the greatest accomplishments are the extraordinarily life-like quality of good botanicals, and the advent of premade designs. A premade design is just that – you purchase it completed, such as a centerpiece, orchid plant, bouquet, or planter.

 Premade daisy wreath forms the base for a cernterpiece.

A premade daisy wreath forms the base for a centerpiece along with poppies, a

globe, micro battery lights, and faux greens elevated on a cake stand.

Attach the poppies and maidenhair fern by inserting them into the wreath. Place the microlights in the globe and then nestle into the center of the wreath.

Wreath centerpiece with globe and battery lights copy.

The Wreath centerpiece with globe and battery lights provide a great ambiance.

Premade also applies to a wide array of designs that can be used as they are, or more importantly, as the structure, or ‘bones’ of a design. Starting with a simple premade design, such as garland, hand-tied bouquet, wreath, etc. you can add your choice of materials and colors to enhance the finished design with your own style. They allow one to create lovely floral designs with a minimum of design knowledge and experience, and provide their creator with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

Cylinder design components include berry/butterfly garland, candle, cylinder, and glass pebbles or sand. Style the garland and wrap around it around cylinder anchoring it by bending a piece of the garland over the cylinder rim..

2Afb Cylinder w butterfly garland berries candle.jpg

Decorative glass is added to the cylinder and candle placed on top.

For more information about our classes go to:!classes/ck0q We would love for you to join in the fun! If you can’t make it to the store check out the photos we take of the designs after class at!classes/cxp3 .

Use foam in a small pot to anchor a premade fern pick and Violet.

A small bird completes this fun spring arrangement.

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