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Celebrate the Love of Friendship

A Complimentary Valentine  Rose for Our Friends

 (One rose per customer, while supplies last, valid through 1/14/17)

Valentine  DIY Project

For you or a Valentine Friend

You might surprise a wonderful friend.  Leave it on their desk, the kitchen counter, coffee table, car…..somewhere they are sure to notice it on

Valentine's Day.

 The lavender rose represents a sense of the magical, wonder, impossibility and sincere appreciation.  Isn’t friendship magical?  Amid the 1000’s of people who pass through our lives and the distance that may separate us, a few precious ones will become part of our sisterhood
and be the blessing that sustains us through our life’s journey.

Valentine Rose Design

How to turn a Single Rose into a Beautiful Flower Arrangement


Even a single flower, when displayed in a small arrangement can make a beautiful statement.  Using foliage to create a ‘collar’ will showcase the individual bloom.  A touch of ribbon softens the lines.

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