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Mad Hatter's


Easter Egg Hunt


Receive an egg from the Mad Hatter

filled with a treat, raffle ticket and

discount coupon.

(For use with your next purchase.  Not applicable with other discounts.)

The Hatter is Madder than ever
His hat was stolen
It might be gone forever!
Stop by the store
Help hunt for his hat
Find savings galore!


Find one of the Hatter’s Hats
and receive extra savings

on the item it is attached to.
(One hat per customer – you choose which you like the best )

Gather an egg from the

Mad Hatter

March 10th  through April 15th

Alice and the Red Queen Agreed

Upon One Thing

20% off

All Looking glasses (mirrors), Silk rose stems,
Playing cards, Hearts, Frogs, and Timepieces

All you need to create a beautiful table setting, including fragrance, flowers, and table fashion.
For every $25 in purchases the Rabbit will give you another ticket for a chance

to win this beautiful basket.  $500 value

Tea and crumpets are being


The White Rabbit has an extra special

Raffle this year

Spring Accessories

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